Mediterranean diet as intangible culture


Ecomuseum Batana started sharing Rovinj’s food heritage with an inspiring project “Recipies from the House of batana”, a book “…featuring traditional recipes of Rovinj cuisine made from ingredients caught on the batana boats, written by active purveyors of the local gastronomy Marisa and Sergio Ferrara, with photography by Damir Fabijanić, design by Mirna Petrešević from the company FAB d.o.o., and a foreword written and edited by Marino Budicin and Dragana Lucija Ratković.“ ( The book is available at our souvenir shop and a selection of recipes is published on our website.

Now Ecomuseum is going digital and hands-on. Through our blog we will present our research on local Mediterranean diet as promoted by UNESCO –

„...involving a set of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols and traditions concerning crops, harvesting, fishing, animal husbandry, conservation, processing, cooking, and particularly the sharing and consumption of food.“ ( and through our international cooking workshop we hope to transmit some healthy habits, inspire your everyday cooking and share our aspect of the Mediterranean spirit. We plan to host people from around the world in our Ecomuseum and canteen, food market and open sea to learn how to prepare #traditionallytasty food together.

Sergio is eager to teach you some skills starting from October 2017, and Tamara, the ethnologist writing the blog J, is eager to share some thoughts on the concept of intangible culture connected with food heritage in Rovinj and Istria. Our knowledge comes from the lived experience, communication with our friends, grandmothers and mothers, from tasting local fresh food and professional education. 

#traditionallytasty was made possible with the support of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and in partnership with the Heritage hotel Angelo d’Oro-Rovinj and Doris Fatur, a young talented photographer.

Special thanks to Maria and Antonella for their support and love.
Stay tuned for the first recipe and some local stories coming soon…

Ecomuseum “Batana”